What All You Must Know About Beta-Testing

Beta testing is something uncommon for a non-technical person, but in the technological domain it is something very common and can be heard quite often.

Ohh…don’t get a feel that am trying to flaunt my technical capabilities here…rather my aim today here is to make you understand what all beta testing is all about and how does it make a difference for your app’s success. So let’s proceed…. J

What Is Beta Testing

Once the app concept takes birth and starts its development journey with a top mobile app development company, then you feel excited to push your app live on the stores, but there is something which cannot be given a miss and that is testing.

But here you might have a feeling that your app has already gone through the process of testing during the development phase, then why again?

Well your confusion is obvious and you deserve a reply as well J

The testing which goes into the development phase that is absolutely must, and it tests the bug-fixing…but when I talk about beta-testing, then I aim specifically to my users.

Another name for beta testing is users acceptance testing, which stats clearly that a mobile app is given to different but selected users to attain their feedback and giving your app a green signal that all is set to go and your app has met all the required steps to make it finally go LIVE.

This is the instruction of beta testing, and it does bring a number of benefits to your users, but if this is not done correctly then I am afraid the following steps would prove a destructive action for your mobile app’s future.

There are a number of steps you need to take while picking the beta testing, and here it goes:


Testers Number

The very first aspect which falls into the beta testing that is the number of right testers, since due to the high competition now beta testing has turned into tad monetary and most of the testers give a nod to the app, just to fulfill their job role.

Thus it is highly recommended that you chose a right set of testers for your mobile app since a wrong set of testers would never give you valuable feedback. Also, ensure that every single tester present in the team is able to give the feedback. You can pick the right resources, by tracking their past work or any recommendation.


Let There Be A Deadline

The word deadline is itself very dreadful to think about, but you need to integrate a specific timeline for your beta-testing to be accomplished.

Indeed, the duration of beta-testing must compliment your app’s quality standard and must control the timeline as well. The best practice to make it happen is by delivering the app build to the beta testers, sooner it is ready.


Keep a watch

I know when something quality-driven is made, then it does not come overnight, but requires some time to handle ts basic requirements.

But in this run of beta-testing you must not let your testers to take ages to accomplish the task, rather keep a watch and keep tracking the flow and the process of beta-testing process.


Be All Ears

Once the beta- testing process is done, you must not let your expertise to get involved with the beta-testers’ opinions rather be all ears to them and listen to their words carefully.

Worth to mention, but your app would not collect all the rosy comments from the testers, some might be quite negative as well. Here you need to understand their intention and must consider their work.

The implementation of the given feedback is the last stage of beta-testing, but something which cannot be given a miss from the initial stage of mobile app development is the section of a right mobile app development company for your mobile app.

Yes, you heard me right, if your mobile app development company selection process had been quite random, then, unfortunately, the rest of the steps, including beta-testing would be affected badly.

Thus in order to make your mobile app go successful and shine in the app worldComputer Technology Articles, you must pick a right and top mobile app development company to address your app requirements.

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