How To Add Links To Your Blog

If you are new to blogging with WordPress, you’re possibly thinking a way to create hyperlinks from your blog to different pages on the net. Creating hyperlinks lets you share beneficial information from different websites along with your readers. This permits you to connect worldwide through the internet network, and that’s the reason the net is occasionally known as “the internet”. The procedure for creating a link in your blog depends on where you need the link to reveal up. We will show you the way to upload a hyperlink  WordPress development company in your blog post and also in your sidebar menus.

The way to upload hyperlinks to a blog post:


Including a link to inside a weblog post is smooth instead. The method I can explain additional works for adding a link to a web page.


  1. To begin with, log in on your WordPress dashboard and both create a new post or click on to edit a current blog. if you have completed what you need to be at the post editor screen.
  2. In case you don’t have any textual content for your blog yet, you may need to type anything you need the link textual content to be. This is what’s called the “anchor text” of the link. as an example, “click on here” is a famous anchor text. once you have the text you want for your hyperlink, you’ll want to choose the textual content with your mouse to highlight it.
  3. Now you may need to click on the paperclip icon simply above the blog post textual content box.
  4. You may then see a pop-up field. Inside the content area known as “URL”, you’ll enter the address of the page which you want to link to. important: The address should begin with both Http:// or https://
  5. As soon as you have placed it inside the address of the web page you need to link to, click on “add hyperlink”. Then you’ll need to click on the blue “update” button to update your post. The link will now be visible on your weblog for anyone to see!


The ways add links on your Menus:


Now we’re going to see the way to insert a link into the sidebar menu of your blog. The sidebar is the area wherein you may see such things as links on your latest posts, latest feedback, or categories. It’s also a famous location for bloggers to place something known as a “blogroll” which is a listing of links to different recommended blogs.


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Right here is the way to upload links on your sidebar menu:


Step 1. Go to plugins add new and type link manager in the search box. Click on Search Plugins.


Step 2. You must see the hyperlink manager plugin first inside the search results. Click on Install Now then click on Activate Plugin on the subsequent web content.


Step 3. This plugin has created a brand new object inside the left menu of your WordPress dashboard known as “links”. Goto links add new to feature a link.


Step 4. Now you may input the link text inside the “name” field and the address of the page you’re linking to inside the “internet address” field. When you’re are completed, click on the blue “add link” button on the right.


Step 5. Now that you have created the link, you need to choose in which it’ll go on your blog. To try this, go to the left menu of your dashboard and choose “appearance => Widgets”.


Step 6. Now you’re at the widgets web page. Widgets are really helpful gears that you may add to the menus of your WordPress blog. On the left of the widgets web page, you may see the available widgets. At the right of the web page, you’ll see your menu areas. To add a widget you simply drag-and-drop it from the available widgets to a menu you need it to appear in. We need to add the “hyperlinks” widgetBusiness Management Articles, so we’re going to drag-and-drop that into the proper menu.


Step 7. As soon as you’ve placed the “hyperlinks” widget in which you need it you may choose any alternatives you need and then click on the “save” button.


Step 8. Your link is now live for your blog sidebar!

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