8 Tips for Working with Graphic Designer

No matter if you are developing a presentation for conference or meeting with potential customers, innovative designs also help you in making good designs.

Power point is always a nice tool for showcasing any idea or proposal for engaging others. It is also an ideal situation especially when you want to present lots of information.

Here is this article which provides you with few tips on knowing ways of designing effective presentation.

  • Use Slide Master

Rather than designing every slide separately, you can always use slid master for the creation of eye-catching templates. You can include your animation process in similar step as you get a 100% ready-to-use design.

  • Maintain a consistent style

You can create your own theme which is a significant way for maintaining your brand guidelines and representing brand or company in a consistent way. When you use a different style for all the slides you will always end up with an unprofessional presentation.

  • Use High-quality graphics

You can always add lots of design to the presentation, but avoid using poor quality and low-resolution image which will detract from the complete presentation rather than improving it. After adding images to the presentation, you should make sure that they all are aligned and look like they are related visually as well.

  • Avoid stuffing too much content

Never stick to only one slide as less is always more. You should try to split the content in one to two slides if there is more than one slide. As too much content will always end up in confusing your audience.

  • Don’t get too fancy with fonts

While different fonts can enhance the presentation and add visual interest, sticking with easy-to-read fonts is always the best choice. For corporate presentations, avoid overly stylish or whimsical fonts. For more informal topics, feel free to use fonts that match the topic as long as they’re still legible. Font size is also very important. As a general rule, use a font size of at least 24 points for headings and 14 points for the body copy.

  • Never get obsessed with fonts

There are many fonts which can enhance your presentation and create visual interestFind Article, by sticking with easy-to-read fonts is always the best selection. You should also avoid stylish fonts and you can also use suitable font size the body. If you want affordable logo design then never play with too many fonts.

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