8 Best WordPress Auto blogging Plugins To Post Fresh Content

Do you run a blog and are facing trouble in finding fresh material regularly? Then this post is meant for you. Creating a blog is an easy task especially on a platform like WordPress. You do not need to write any code and can start your interface quickly. However, getting new and unique content to post on a regular basis can be a difficult task. A failure to offer new reading material frequently can hurt user engagement of your website. Here we are presenting a list of some of the best WordPress autoblogging plugins. These tools will curate matter from different RSS feeds to display on your blog. This will solve the issue of finding new and engaging content regularly. However, before you use any of these solutions, do remember that you need to publish a lot of original content apart from these materials. This is essential for building a good reputation for your website.

1. WP RSS Aggregator

One of the best tools that you can use to import material from RSS and Atom feeds is WP RSS Aggregator. This 4.5-star rated product can be used to automate the import according to your preferred schedule. The plugin lets users define the items that can be fetched and stored. This helps in maintaining the performance of the interface. Users can also import YouTube videos through a channel or a URL.

2. WP Robot

In case, you are ready to shell out some money then you can purchase WP Robot which is an excellent content curation and auto blogging tool. The product supports over 30 efficient content sources like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and many more. Users can select a category or keyword to automatically search for relevant new material. They can define time-intervals to drip-feed new posts into their blogs. The tool supports various other languages than English.

3. RSSImport

Did you just convert HTML to WordPress theme and are looking for an easy-to-use content curation solution? Then you can try the RSSImport plugin. This open-source product can display feeds in your interface through PHP, widget or shortcode. It uses the standard in-built functionality of the CMS to show the content. This means that no external libraries are needed to do the job. The tool can also be localized into different languages like German, Russian, Italian, etc.

4. FEEDZY RSS Feeds Lite

The next name on our list of the best WordPress autoblogging plugins is FEEDZY RSS Feeds Lite. This handy tool lets you create beautiful RSS feeds with images picked from your preferred locations. You can also import other media from platforms like YouTube. The product is fully responsive and ensures that all the content is displayed perfectly on all screen sizes. There is a Pro version of the plugin that contains advanced features like an audio playback template and a 3-column shop feed layout.

5. WP Pipes

WP Pipes is primarily a data migration tool that also possesses content curation features. It can be used to source material from RSS feeds, Google NewsFree Reprint Articles, and other locations. The tool lets users save all the material fetched from an RSS feed as posts. They can also export the posts as iTunes podcasts. The plugin can fetch WooCommerce Products display them as an RSS feed or an XML sitemap.

6. WPeMatico

Another high-quality product that can be used for auto blogging is WPeMatico. It is available for free and enjoys a 5-star rating on the official plugin directory. The tool relies on native WordPress functions for processing images. It has an intuitive interface that helps users to easily manage their curation and publishing tasks. Its powerful feed auto-discovery feature lets users add a feed even if they do not know the exact URL.

7. CyberSEO Lite

People looking for a lightweight tool can choose CyberSEO Lite. This is the free variant of the paid CyberSEO Pro plugin. The tool fetches RSS and Atom feeds and automatically transforms them into WordPress posts. This powerful solution can import the full text of articles even from shortened feeds. Users can translate content to or from more than 100 languages with services like Google Translate and Yandex Translate. The tool enables subscribers to embed media like images and videos into their posts.

8. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

The Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription plugin will let you display a menu with different categories of RSS feeds on your website. Blogs that offer content in a wide range of categories will especially benefit from this feature. They can define up to 8 different custom RSS feeds based on different topics. There is also an option to create a menu based on tags. Users can display the menus on the desired website location through shortcodes and widgets.


All the plugins discussed here will help blog owners in managing their interfaces efficiently and provide fresh content to their visitors. People who encounter difficulties in integrating these tools into their websites must hire a WordPress developer to do the job.

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