7 Reason You Should Hire a Web Designer Freelance

In this write-up we take a look at seven strong reasons why it is always better to choose a web designer freelance for your project instead of an agency.

The moment you decide to outsource your website design project there is one decision you need to make – work with an agency or hire a web designer freelance. Online forums are pasted with write-ups on why you shouldn’t work with a freelancer, they are termed unreliable, said to be lacking skills and expertise. If this were true freelancing as an industry would never have thrived the way it has in the recent years. On the contrary freelance web developers offer you many incentives that agencies can’t even think of. Here we take a look at seven strong reasons why you should hire web designer freelance for your next project.

  1. Better Communication: You explain a dozen points to a sales executive and by the time your thoughts reach the developer half a dozen points are lost in the process. This is typical of agencies but when you chose to work with a freelancer you would be communicating with a single person and all your needs and ideas would be accounted for in the website.
  2. Skills and Expertise: An amateur developer working in an agency can’t dream of turning a freelancer. Only the best in business can take the risk of leaving their 9 to 5 and explore the deep waves and winds in the freelancing ocean. They believe in their skills and expertise and hence take this huge risk. A freelance web designer is definitely better skilled and has more experience than the average person you find in an agency.
  3. Multi-Tasking: Web design agencies follow an assembly line work flow where site is designed, coded and optimized separately. While this specialization may sound encouraging most often these separate teams don’t really understand the entire web development process. On the other hand freelancers are experts in multi-tasking so when they design the website they also keep in mind coding and optimization which helps in the long run.
  4. Better Quality: Freelancers know that unlike agencies they really can’t rest on past laurels and are only as good as their last project. This sense of challenge often brings the best of creativity and technical presentation from freelance web designer. They can’t take their income for granted and hence walk the extra mile to impress their clients.
  5. Lower Cost: Working with an agency you don’t merely pay for the web designer but also for the management, HRArticle Search, support staff and the infrastructure. All these can make web design projects very expensive. On the other hand freelancers charge you only a fraction of what an agency would bill you thus reducing your costs.
  6. They Work Odd Hours: In a typical agency environment you would have to adjust to the 9 to 5 schedule of the employees. Now that can often act as a restriction for people who are working on a website for a new venture at odd hours. Freelancers on the other hand work even at odd hours to fulfill your needs and this is a huge incentive that you get.
  7. They Work Faster: A freelancer need not ask a boss and since he/she is the sole person taking the decision the work gets expedited. Continuing with the last incentive we mentioned a freelancer can work 12-14 hour schedules a day and when you have to meet a strict deadline they should be your ideal pick.

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