7 Keys to Creating a High Conversion Website Home Page

It is imperative your home page contains crucial elements in order to give users exact details of what services and products you have to offer in order to enable positive conversions and increase key keyword rankings.  Your website home page is vitally important to the success of your business and you must do everything possible in creating an engaging and highly converting home page.

Have you ever said, “If only I knew what to put on my website home page, I’d do it!”?

Knowing the EXACT things to include to maximize sales and conversion on your website can be difficult sometimes.

You want to look good and get results online, but the truth is many home pages rank poorly in terms of conversion. No one wants that.

So keep reading and learn the exact items, words, and images to turn your website home page into a selling machine.

Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have

1) Opener
People have short attention spans. The first thing you want visitors to see is who you are, what you do, and how it can help them. You have to hook them in seconds to get them to explore your website more deeply.

Do this wrong and they’ll click away. Bam. You lost the sale. Take the time to craft a compelling headline that grabs attention and piques curiosity so they think, “Wow! I want to learn more!”

2) Powerful Visuals
Pictures speak louder than words, so you want to include an attention-grabbing picture or video high on the page.

This could be a picture of you, your business storefront or an appropriate stock image. It could also be a short intro video that entices them to sign up for your mailing list. Videos are an ideal addition to a website home page.

3) Lead Generator
Capturing leads is vitally important. If a visitor doesn’t convert right away, you want the chance to build rapport with them. Even if they do buy now, an email list gives you the ability to share additional offerings and maximize the lifetime value per customer.

Offer a free-giveaway in a highly visible spot at the top of your website. You could offer a free video, ebook, white paper, checklist, or a discount to compel people to sign up and also receive your regular newsletter.

4) Benefits
Showcasing the benefits of your offerings gives customers a reason to buy because they explain how your product or service improves their lives or solves a problem they are experiencing.

What kind of results can people expect using your product or services? How will it help them?

For each feature your product or service has, ask yourself “so what?” and it will tell you the benefit it has to the consumer.

5) Trust Builders
When you are selling online often your prospects need to build trust in your expertise and the results they will receive.

Testimonials are a great way to build credibility that what you offer works. Share any major awards or credentials you have received.

Another success indicator is highlighting media coverage you have garnered.

6) Calls to Action
Create a call to action for every level of buying readiness. You could have a “buy now” offer for hot prospects. Then offer a secondary call to action for those not ready to buy such as a free consultation or your free giveaway.

Finally, for those who need more information and time to make a decision, link to your About Us page and offer previews your latest blog posts lower down the page that will help your site visitor discover more.

7) Social Links
Make it easy for prospects to connect with you on social media. Place the social links at the top, bottom or side of your home page. Social proof can often influence a buying decision so only add links to accounts you are active on.

To make sure users don’t leave your website completelyBusiness Management Articles, have the links open the social media channels in a new tab or window.

Your website home page is vitally important to the success of your business. You want to do everything you can to create an inviting and high converting website. Follow these guidelines and you’ll maximize your sales and effectiveness for your website home page.

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